About Me

Some of What Has Been Said about Me

A Nebula Award finalist, Dave is the author of novels, short fiction, comic book scripts, film treatments, and screenplays. His writing spans several sub-genres of science fiction and fantasy including sword-and-sorcery, hard sf, contemporary fantasy, historical fantasy, superhero, horror, and martial arts.

His books include the epic fantasy trilogy The War of the Dragons, (The Sorcery Within, The Schemes of Dragons, and The Wizard’s Nemesis), along with the Marvel Comics-franchise novel X-Men: Law of the Jungle, and the horror/military adventure novel Piper in the Night, and the collections Embracing the Starlight, Futures Near and Far, and Raiding the Hoard of Enchantment. Over a hundred stories have appeared in magazines such as Asimov’s Science Fiction, Realms of Fantasy, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Dark Regions, and Pulphouse, and anthologies such as Full Spectrum 4, Peter S. Beagle’s Immortal Unicorn, David Copperfield’s Tales of the Impossible, Return to Avalon, Enchanted Forests, In the Field of Fire, four installments of the Lace and Blade series, and nineteen installments of the Sword & Sorceress series.

In Addition…

I am also a husband, father, a genealogist, an alum of Sonoma State University, and son of a table-grape grower. I received my black belt in goju-ryu karate-do in 1978 and continue to train steadily in that artform. And as you will see if you look around this website, I am also an artist, long ago doing so as the graphics guy for a furniture factory as well as for freelance clients, and in more recent years I have been a designer and digital artist for book covers for quite a number of my science fiction and fantasy colleagues.