Where’s the third book, Dave?

Answer — it’s coming in March, 2024.

The series is called The War of the Dragons. Volume one, The Sorcery Within, was first published by Ace Books in 1985. Volume two, The Schemes of Dragons, was published by Ace in 1989. The latter ended on a cliffhanger. Now there are only months to wait and readers will be able to enjoy the complete trilogy as Book View Café issues The Wizard’s Nemesis.

The Wizard’s Nemesis

And That’s Not All

Along with the release of the final volume will come reissues of parts one and two. Anyone who has read them in prior editions can go on to the third book if they like, but the new editions feature the author’s preferred text, freshly polished, along with brand new covers. The Sorcery Within will be available starting in early January, 2024, and The Schemes of Dragons in early February, 2024.

Meanwhile, please bear with us as we establish and improve this website.